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Rua da Paz
3800-587 Cacia
Aveiro . Portugal

Latitude – N 40.66833
Longitude – W 008.59694



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T: +351 234 910 550
M: +351 938 022 663

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In the project we have 5 mechanical engineers, equipped with 5 workstations DELL and 5 licenses Visi-Progress V20 where we develop our tools. 
All projects are developed by teams of 2 (project leader and toolmaker) to share knowledge and responsibilities. 

Whenever we need to increase the capacity we outsource two external engineers that we have worked with in numerous different projects and they have the same software as us. We have an export/import to CATIA and have ability to perform numerical simulations with Autoform. 

Capacity Project: 250h/week