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3800-587 Aveiro
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We overcome ourselves every day,
looking beyond our horizon
Management policy is guided by
the following principles:
Innovation, accuracy in professional relations, as well as the capacity to understand and meet the expectations of customers will allow fidelization and consolidation of a competitive differentiation, in order to increase Mega Dies awareness and business volume.

A deeper systematic understanding of ISO 9001 management approach standards is the most effective way to provide excellent levels of internal performance and customer satisfaction.

Project planning and development of new tools through multidisciplinary teams and updated technological means will increase the capacity to innovate and, therefore, reduce non-conformity impacts.

Stimulate partnerships which combine industrial capacity and flexibility, in order to respond to a growing production, therefore, improving responses to customer needs and optimizing industrial costs.

Develop systematic technical and professional skills of all employees through engaging and responsible training experiences will allow a sociable atmosphere and the capacity to continually improve and innovate.

Improve internal and external communication skills, comply with health and safety at work regulations and the application of good environmental management procedures in order to strengthen the company’s sense of social responsibility.

Optimise relations with decisive stakeholders so as to achieve business success. 


This policy focuses on the following principles of action:

. Promote customer satisfaction
. Innovate in the development of products, relationships and the management system
. Challenge, motivate and involve employees
. Increase subcontracting processes
. Optimise quality and productivity through continuous improvement
. Reduce operating costs through committed cooperation from all employees
. Promote responsible behaviours in environmental and social areas
. Fully comply with legal and normative requirements